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123 Wall Street, New York / NY

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(800) 123-4567

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Mon - Sun / 9:00AM - 8:00PM

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sourcing delay, Weather, Disaster, Political unrest.

    To cancel any order you have to send mail or call our support team as soon as possible.
    To contact
    HelpLine: +8801714716142

    To Modify an order you can follow some steps,
    If the order can't be modified from your side you can contact us for help.
    From you customer area(account in our site) you can modify your order too.

    For tracing an order you have to call our support team cause for our limitations we don't use an auto-tracking system. So manually you have to call us. And have to ensure about your order, what's the current status of your order.

    A refund is the simplest matter to resolve. We have a transparent and crystal clear policy of Refunds.
    If you find any defect on any product(exclude special case) you can easily get a refund and there is also an alternative solution which is a replacement.